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In this 6 part series you'll learn how to prepare smarter and play better with Daniel Carson.

Prepare For Your Live Event

Master Your Chord Shapes

Create Great Tones

BONUS: Complete Walkthrough of Daniel's Pedalboard

Learn The Difference Between Guitar 1 & Guitar 2

BONUS: Split screen tutorial (Guitar 1 and Guitar 2) of "Whom Shall I Fear"

Important Acoustic Tips

How to Enjoy Playing in a Band

"This course provides simple ways to enjoy your learning. It makes you want to play the guitar, not just in lessons, but outside of them too... just for fun."


"Taking part in this course will help you be more confident with your playing and be the kind of team member your worship team needs."


"This course will broaden your understanding of not just the guitar, but the frets, the chords, the keys, and the pedals involved in guitar playing."


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