Get Instant Lifetime, Family Access To In-Depth Hymn Tutorials Unlike Anything You'll Find On YouTube!

I love today’s most popular worship music, but there is something about those old hymns that just feel different.

We’ve put together a brand new program featuring hymn piano tutorials for both beginner and advanced players so you can learn to play some of the most popular hymns out there.

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Here's What You Get When You Join Today For Just $47:

All Time Classic Hymn Tutorials:

In depth tutorials for: 
🎵 Be Thou My Vision
🎵 Amazing Grace
🎵 Great Is Thy Faithfulness


In-Depth Teachings Unlike Anything You'll Find On YouTube

We’ve created in-depth teachings, chord charts, and playdown videos so you can learn to play and worship from the comfort of your own home or you can take your skills to your church platform. 


Multiple Tutorials For Each Hymn For Advanced and Beginner Players

There will be tutorials for both beginners and advanced users. Beginners - hymns are an awesome way to begin learning. Advanced Learners - you’ll learn advanced techniques for hymn playing. Or go from beginner to advanced as you work with these forever with lifetime access. 


A Community Of People Just Like You To Learn & Grow With

You'll receive the support and encouragement from hundreds of other worship leaders, stay at home parents, executives, grandparents, beginners and pros who are all learning worship piano with you.


In-Depth Video Coaching

Each of our tutorials are 30 - 60 mintues in length so they are packed with in-depth coaching and insight videos.

Tips & Tricks For Every Player

Every video is loaded with tips, tricks, and secrets that are valuable whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro!

Downloadable Chord Charts

Each tutorial features downloadable an extensive chord chart that you can print, share, and take on the go.

Get Lifetime, Family Access To Rooted Online Hymn Tutorials Today For Just $47 


"Growing up, my parents were the biggest supporters of music in my life. They cultivated in me a love for music that was already put inside me by God. My mom began teaching me piano at the age of 6, helping me really grow as a player. I believe my background in both classical styles of music as well as contemporary styles of music gives me a well-rounded base from which to teach.

During 2013, I also began playing with the Passion Band going on a World Tour where we played in 6 different countries, and getting to be a part of some of their tours in the Spring and Fall. I’ve learned so much from those incredible experiences and am excited to impart some of that knowledge to the students!" - Chris


I really appreciate the personal responses I received and I like the step by step ease of the program. I can learn how to play the piano online at my own pace.

I would highly recommend this program to others because Chris genuinely cares about his students and is so willing to answer all of our questions. He truly wants us to learn how to play worship music unto our Lord. The program is easy step by step to follow. Thank you Chris for offering a tool we can use to worship.

-Karen Jarvis

There are no piano teachers where I live. My goal was to be able to play in church. It was exactly what I was looking for - a program that would teach me to play worship music in supportive community & the ability to transpose songs.

Just do it! I am already playing in church & I am understanding things better than I did in previous music lessons. You can achieve your goals.

-Kari Anderson

It is a wonderful course for the reasons of being able to go at your own pace, can learn worship music, great lessons and support and the whole family can use it!

-Linda Marcis

The lessons and materials are easy to understand, and the format affords the opportunity to move at one's own pace. What's not to love? I love the feedback! The prompt response time to e-mails is a big plus.

-Mair Newton

Thank you so much for an amazing program. I am so thankful for the heart behind it all. I truly believe there is such power when signing and music are combined and used to praise Jesus! Thanks again for this amazing ministry!

-Sophia Cazares



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