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If you've ever wanted to know exactly how to play your favorite worship song, here is your chance...

Tutorials Unlimited gives you full access to me as your personal tutorial coach.

Request your favorite song or browse through dozens of songs inside our tutorial library.

When you register for our monthly subscription plan you will receive a detailed, chord by chord tutorial each week with step by step instruction on how to play.

You will also gain access to our Worship Community FB group where you'll receive further instruction and meet a community of players just like you!

**30 Day Money back Guarantee, No Contracts!

Try it RISK FREE today!

Join our Unlimited Worship Tutorials course for only $27/month


Imagine being able to play the worship songs you love at home, own your own time, with a virtual coach all at a fraction of the cost of private studio lessons.

With our self guided beginner guitar course you can move from beginner to pro quicker than you’ve ever thought possible.

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If you have some playing experience, and you would like to be coached to be a better player, to play moderns songs and to lead others in worship, please watch this short video on our platinum coaching plan.


To connect with me and learn more about our platinum coaching plan, click the link below.

Learn more about our Platinum Coaching Plan

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