Let loose the songs of their soul

Your child was born with a love for music.

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We all were.

No one has to teach us to love the sound of songs.


It’s why we use melodies to put our children to sleep.

Or teach them to share.

Or help pass the time on a long trip in the car.


Songs inspire us. Soothe us. And help us connect with God.

Why not develop their God-given love into a skill they can enjoy for the rest of their life?

Rooted Music Online Beginner Piano Course

An intuitive music course, with a great big promise...

Your child will learn to play

After years of teaching piano, I realized several things:

  1. The traditional model of teaching beginners piano may not be the best model. It takes too long to see any payoff, and it’s tough for students to remember everything they learned once they’re back home after the lesson.
  2. The traditional model can be a burden for the entire family. The time commitment necessary to sit in traffic and drive to and from each lesson is just one more stressor on families that are already stretched thin.
  3. The traditional model is expensive! Having a weekly lesson with a quality teacher usually costs about $2,000 per child, per year.

We Believe There’s A Better Way

It doesn’t take hours of practice.
It’s a myth that students who aren’t “naturals” can’t learn to play piano without years of practice. Whether they’re musically gifted or not, your child will be playing along with their favorite worship and pop songs in weeks.


Lessons don’t have to be one more event on your calendar.
Learning online is the best method for beginners. Your child can play at their own pace, in their own home, without you having to drive them to and from practice every week.


You don’t have to go in debt.
Your child will learn everything they could with traditional one-on-one lessons, for a fraction of the cost.

What's included in the course...

  • 14 day FREE trial
  • 52 total lessons broken into 4 modules of 13 lessons each, starting with Piano 101.
  • Every lesson comes with an instructional video, PDF flashcards, a practice song, and homework for the week.
  • Bonus practice songs become available as your skills progress.
  • After 6 lessons, students have all the necessary tools to begin practicing songs from artists such as Chris Tomlin, Lauren Daigle, David Crowder, and even Justin Timberlake!
  • Stuck with questions? Our coaches are here to help!

Piano 101

  • Learn the musical alphabet and to identify every note
  • How to read music effectively
  • Tips to master “sight reading”
  • The key of C major, it’s scale and chords
  • How to apply the C major chords in the context of modern music
  • Use the Nashville Number system to learn songs easily and effectively, just like the pros!
  • Learn to play modern songs like: Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, Chris Tomlin’s “Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)”
  • How you can begin writing your own music
  • The music theory behind major, minor and diminished chords

Piano 102

  • Learn the key of G, its scale and chords
  • Learn how to apply the G major chords in the context of modern music
  • Learn the key of D, its scale and chords
  • Learn how to apply the D major chords in the context of modern music
  • Learn 10 Modern songs, including: Coldplay’s “Trouble”, Hillsong United’s “Oceans”
  • Develop as a songwriter
  • Learn how to transpose music simply and easily
  • Become proficient at reading music

Piano 103

  • Learn the key of F, its scale and chords
  • Learn how to apply the F major chords in the context of modern music
  • Learn the key of Bb, its scale and chords
  • Learn how to apply the Bb major chords in the context of modern music
  • Learn 10 MORE modern songs including: Coldplay’s “The Scientist” , Phil Wickham’s “This Is Amazing Grace”
  • Advance in songwriting
  • Continue to grow in your development of reading music
  • Learn about chord modifications such as “7” chords
  • Learn to utilize right hand melodies while left hand is playing chords

Piano 104

  • Learn the key of A, its scale and chords
  • Learn how to apply the A major chords in the context of modern music
  • Learn the key of Eb, its scale and chords
  • Learn how to apply the Eb major chords in the context of modern music
  • Learn 10 MORE modern songs, including: Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”, Chris Tomlin’s “Good Good Father”
  • More songwriting tips and practice
  • Continue to grow in your development of reading music
  • Learn different types of articulation such as accented and staccato notes
  • Become proficient at playing with both hands

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Online Piano Features


One affordable subscription to our Beginner Piano Course gives everyone in your home 24/7 access to weekly video lessons.

Integrated Technology

Lessons that include simple, integrated technology proven to help students learn.


Personal Coaching

Stay connected to coaches who love to answer any questions that may come up.


Play Current Songs

Our students receive a strong foundation in piano and learn to play their favorite songs.


What others are saying...

From Professionals…

Todd Fields:

"As I guitarist and worship leader over the past 32 years I know how important it is to have the right instruction from the start and as part of your ongoing development. I highly recommend my friends at Rooted Music Online to be able to help you get started on the right foot as well as continue to develop your musicianship to it's full potential! They are passionate about teaching music, but also care deeply about each individual student."

Christy Nockels:

“My husband Nathan and I had the honor of being a part of the earliest conversations around the beginnings of Rooted Music Coaching and cheering Chris Brink and the other coaches on! Chris has played in my own personal band through the years and we highly respect him both as a musician and a friend. We also experienced this amazing program as parents! Our son, Noah, took drum lessons from RMC and he excelled! He is now in the 10th grade and plays for his youth group worship team on a regular basis. I highly recommend this incredibly gifted team of coaches and this unique experience to any child who desires to explore the gift of music!”

-Christy Nockels, singer/songwriter/worship leader

From Users…

Blake is really enjoying his lessons, so thankful we found you online. We went to a concert last night and he said it's so weird bc he recognized what they were doing leading people into worship, He thought it was neat that he knew what they were doing"

"He loves the lessons, even wants to pursue possibly being a worship leader of some kind. "



We LOVE the lessons and the format! It has been so nice to let the kids watch your video and follow along. They can rewind or pause anytime they want and I can also watch and assist them. It is really great and works so well for us. For Brooke it is really nice because she enjoys doing things at her pace and for Joseph it is a nice review from what he learned from you when he was taking lessons in 1st grade. Your lessons and the PDF files are great tools. I think the course is a great foundation and I love that you have so many lessons online. It is working out great! Having the flexibility to take the piano lesson anytime works well in our busy lifestyle!


Beginner Piano Course

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