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All the greats have a coach. 

Whether it be Peyton Manning, Lebron James or Chris Tomlin.

The effectiveness of having a personal coach is undisputed.

The truth is...If you are looking to take your playing to the highest level, you need a coach too.

Someone walking with you step by step.

For encouragement and accountability.

You’ve learned to play some songs.

You’ve learned the basics.

You’ve searched up and down and all around on you tube trying to find tutorials and instruction that will take your playing to the next level.

If that is you, I can help.

I can assess where you are today, where you are right now, in your music playing and build a customized playing plan to get you to the next level. To reach your dreams.

If you are interested in a personal customized coaching plan, reach out to me using the form below...

So if you want to accelerate your playing.

If you are ready to reach your goals…

If you are ready to be coached…

Take a minute and reach out to me.

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